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Patricia Barrett

Awakened Mentorship

Energy Medicine Practitioner & Modern Day Shaman

Cleanse your past        
Awaken your consciousness 
Manifest your destiny

About Me

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Embodying Divine Wisdom and Unconditional Love with a Realistic View of Humanity

In all of us lies a build-up of ancestral, environmental and childhood experiences that are carried with us throughout every aspect of our lives.  Often these experiences become subtle (or not so subtle) internal ‘blockage’; manifesting through family relationships, professional paths and how we form friendships, plus prevent us from reaching and experiencing our whole-hearted, human potential. My life’s work and gift is the ability to get to the heart of your unique metaphysical make-up. Together, we’ll address blockages and dissipate resistance to ensure your personal foundation is one of feeling grounded with a clarity that guides your everyday personal and professional experiences. 


It is my privilege and honor to offer you guidance, healing, and awakening.


  • Thirty-seven years of experience in working with clients individually, in small groups, and at retreats

  • Master Certification in Intuition Medicine®

  • Certified Medical Qigong Practitioner

  • Eight-year Mentorship in Native American Shamanic Medicine

  • Studied Naturopathic Medicine at the International Academy of Natural Health Sciences— Canada 

  • Previous Teacher at Whole Health Medical Institute and Clear Center of Health

  • Decades of intensive study and mentorship with Awakened Rinpoches, Lamas, and Guru's

  • Born a gifted healer with laser-like, evolutionary intuition

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Healing Together

Be Led By Your Dreams

In Each Session

While spending time preparing for YOU, guidance comes through about your individual needs. Then together we solve your current puzzles,  however they are affecting you. You will be offered a depth of wisdom that supports you in moving beyond your current state of being, uncovering the amazing qualities that you already are, and heading toward your dreamed of life.


Sessions are guided and tailored to your individual needs, each one, offering you a life-changing opportunity. 


Change your energy, change your life!

From Mundane to Miraculous

Do you want to reclaim your energy and learn to be in the now? Do you want to move beyond your emotional trauma, quickly heading toward your pinnacle? Find yourself waking up from all of your illusions becoming that person you secretly craved to be? Awakened and empowered to a place that you've never been before?

You'll get results and quickly gain clarity and a larger perspective into all aspects of your life. Seize the opportunity to evolve to your miraculous!

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"My work is bold, not always gentle, yet devoutly compassionate and effective."

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Begin Your Awakened Mentorship

Let's enlighten you to a place that you've never been before



Untapped Potential

Single Sessions | 75 Minutes | $325

Using 30 years of experience and skill, you will gain:

  • A higher perspective for your life 

  • Start to melt your subconscious blocks, creating flow and health of your body/mind/soul

  • Raise your vibrations to one where you can begin to magnetize the life that you want, identifying your own personal direction and opening up the road to your untapped potentials

  • Begin the enlightening process empowering you to a place you have never been before

  • Work on your overused nervous system, diffusing it with wellness and peace


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You Matter

The Journey | Four 75-Minute Sessions | $1200

Patricia Barrett's most popular program

Commit to your healing journey, together we will:

  • Unwind lifetime patterns in your nervous system

  • Change stuck re-occurring themes in your life

  • Quickly relieve present-day issues and emotions so that you feel more clarity, grounded, and ready to take on your life's desires

  • Begin to wake up from your illusions and become that person you secretly craved to be

  • Mentorship through texting and check-ins

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Rave Reviews

What Clients Have Said

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Patricia healed and helped when traditional therapy and medication failed me. As a 24 year career military officer in a high-stress job with several combat deployments, I was a regular in the mental health department at the base clinic and was prescribed nearly the entire spectrum of medication, none which seemingly helped. Patricia intuitively sought the root of the various issues and guided me to a much healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life. She is nothing short of a miracle and turned this skeptic into a believer. 

Retired Lieutenant Colonial, Lawyer,
US Marine Corp

Tricia has a rare gift of piercing through the veils of illusion. As a medical doctor, I choose Tricia to tutor me while I completed my Master’s in Energy Medicine. In my 17 years of medical practice, Tricia has been the most powerful force in my life. Completely shifting sources of disempowerment to full self-expression. With Tricia’s intuitive coaching and vast otherworldly skillset, I left a difficult work situation, increased my income, upgraded my home and make wiser choices for myself.  For some that takes a car accident, month long retreats or years of therapy. Why go through that, just pick up the phone and call Tricia! 

Dr. Jacqueline S. Chan

Patricia Barrett is a Shaman, Energy Healer, and Therapist extraordinaire. While I was initially referred to Patricia (from my MD) to work on a slight head tremor, which she pretty much cured, our work together has turned into a deep dive into my entire programming, both physically, energetically and emotionally.  Within a few months of working with Patricia, my body no longer feels the anxiety that I lived with my entire life. She has helped me release decades worth of trauma and is a true mentor on my journey of spiritual awakening. She is extraordinarily generous with her time and truly cares for her clients. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Xanet Pailet, NY Times Best Selling Author & CEO The Power of Pleasure

I have been blessed to receive spiritual guidance from Tricia for nearly five years. With uncanny precision, Tricia has a gift for illuminating unseen aspects of the ego, shining light on how we create and recreate our own suffering because of these blind spots. Under her guidance, I now am aware of these blind spots, changing lifelong patterns that have created difficulty for me in relationships, my professional life, and my personal and spiritual growth.  If you've tried therapy but you keep finding yourself repeating the same negative patterns, or if you feel like a victim of bad luck or bad relationships but sense that you might be somehow responsible for those outcomes, working with Tricia might be just what the doctor ordered. With unconditional love, no judgment, and a Divine presence about her, Tricia has helped me evolve in ways that, while sometimes painful, have brought me to my knees in gratitude for the transformation her work has achieved in my life.

Lissa Rankin MD & NY Times Best Selling Author

I have done personal growth work off and on throughout my adult life. With all due respect to those wonderful teachers, coaches, & therapists, I wish I had met Tricia sooner. She is a rare multi-faceted gem. She is highly educated in multiple fields, including nutrition, functional medicine, coaching. She is a gifted intuitive who “knows” what my body, mind, and spirit need to become healthy and happy, free of self-sabotaging habits and ingrained negative beliefs and emotions. She is an enlightened human being with great integrity and generosity who inspires by example. Tricia’s work with me has been transformative and lasting, whether performed virtually (phone or Zoom) or in-person, and I am delighted by how far I have progressed toward my goals in a scant five months. I confess, when the time comes, I will have a hard time leaving her wisdom, unconditional love, and lightness of being.   

Meg N.,  PhD

When I started working with her over six months ago, my nervous system was in crisis. I was highly autoimmune from rerunning past patterns. Anxiety was a constant background noise, and my world was shrinking by the day. I was depressed and despairing of hope for a better future. At age 76, I could no more have contemplated packing up and moving to a different part of the country than doing cartwheels on the moon. Today, I am two weeks from closing on my property, and I am purging possessions in preparation for moving two months hence—without even the security of a specific destination. This is a miracle. Tricia is teaching my nervous system little by little to respond from the ground up rather than react from the head down. Her work is profound; she’s fearless, real, awake, and funny; she’s committed to her clients’ healing.  If you’re serious about waking up and facing your own music, don’t wait another second.  

Alice Carey

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When I met Tricia, my life was disintegrating. Years of profound loss, depression led me to live a life full of attendant and imagined terror. Tricia slowly yet permanently walked me threw the arduous untangling of the chaos and reactivity of the past 60 years of my life. Her profound non-judgmental insight into my rackets, her laughter, compassion and her spot on ability to see into the core of the core, allowed me to understand and integrate a higher path of light. Tricia’s actions, her presence midwifed me into my last and best chapter of the miracle that is now my life!

J.D. Fleishmann, — Author- New York City

Tricia has been my intuitive coach, cleanse guide, spirit guide and mentor, her embodied integrated knowledge is undeniable . My life changed the day I met Tricia Barrett—It’s her complete respect and dedication I found most unique and I am eternally grateful. 

Kimberly Ortman, Fairfax, CA

Tricia’s Laser like intuition, laugh out LOUD humor and all-encompassing loving guidance assisted me in healing and then changing my life. I am now in my power, grounded, contained, concentrated and magnified directly from my work with Tricia. She just has a way of showing you the exact right remedy for growth, development and transformation. There are not words that describe Tricia’s magnificence. She’s the real deal, a true healer, powerful Shaman and loving force on this planet.


      Sally, San Francisco, CA

I have found Tricia to be a very gifted healer, adept at working in different modalities, who lifted me out of crippling depression. We continue to work together so that I might not just get through the days but live a thriving, healthy and purposeful life. In the beginning, I was in bed, crying, not eating, not functioning and through her treatment and a proactive practical plan, I was able to quickly gain emotional footing, make strides in independent functioning and reframe my negative and fearful thoughts into a mindset that serves me and allows me to grow. Tricia's joy and humor are infectious, and I always feel lifted during our intuitive and energy healing sessions. I encourage anyone who wants to reap the profound benefits of Intuitive and Energy Healing, being uplifted in love and compassion, grace yourself by working with her in any and every way that you are called.—

Alison C., Los Angeles, CA

The impact of the work that I have done with Tricia has been life-changing.. I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to be a client because most people in a lifetime are not offered the opportunity to do this kind of work.  In my wildest dreams, I never thought I would go on the journey I am on now.  I would recommend Tricia to someone that I really cared about and who was truly committed to changing their life in an authentic manner.  Tricia makes the “difficult” sessions easy and her approach is almost opposite of what you would experience with a therapist. Tricia opened up my neural, emotional and spiritual pathways thus providing a path to true awakening.  The brilliancy behind this approach enabled me be to be guided to a place where I could figure this out for myself.     

Ben Davis, CEO, San Francisco, CA

Working with Tricia, I have learned and experienced things I didn't know existed. She has helped me through multiple spiritual awakenings, while "piercing the veil of reality," a concept of which I wasn't familiar. She has taught me the Toaist way, performed Chinese Shamanic Medicine and Qigong, and deeply attunes my soul. With her, I've learned how to tap into my intuition and spiritual guides to make more evolved choices that better support my life. I could not have known or understood the vastness and depth of her work with her natural-born gifts and well-studied skills, paired with her deep compassion, would bring into my life.

      Kari Baker,  San Francisco, CA

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